5 Tips to Ace PTE Reading- Fill in the Blanks Section

What is Expected in PTE Reading- Fill in the Blanks Section?

In the PTE reading “Fill in the Blanks” task, test takers will see a short transcript with some blank text boxes that represents missing words. It requires test takers to choose the correct word to complete the sentence. PTE reading fill in the blanks task is simple but the content is not. Test takers are required to use their knowledge and grammatical skills  to choose correct words.

Below mentioned are several useful tips on PTE reading fill in the blanks section from the experts of LinguaSoft Tech. “Fill in the blanks”  is one of the easiest and scoring sections in the PTE reading section. By paying attention to several tips and tricks, you can easily score good marks in the PTE reading section.

PTE Reading Fill in Blanks    

Tip 1:- Some words go together to form a phrase. This process is called “Collocation”.  This will help you recognize the correct words for each blank.

Tip 2:– Give attention to the words that you often hear or see together.

Tip 3:– Read the text slowly and find out what part of the speech is missing.

Tip 4:– Choose the words that have correct meaning and fits in the blank.

Tip 5:– While attempting PTE reading ‘fill in the blanks’ section, your grammatical knowledge will also come into play. Use your knowledge to find what kind of word fits in the text.

PTE Reading and Writing- Fill in Blanks

Tip 1:- Before you are shown a transcript and the recording begins, utilize the time to skim the text. You will be given 7 seconds to skim and scan the text before the recording begins. It will help you recognize the words that fit in each blank.

Tip 2:- Read the text to understand the meaning of the text. This will again help you find the correct word for the blank.

Tip 3:- Rule out words, based on your knowledge, if they do not fit grammatically in the text. This tip will help you locate the correct answer if you do not know the answer.  Ruling out words that do not fit in the blank will automatically make you reach to the correct word.

Tip 4:- On clicking on the drop down, you will find options related to the main topic. Try to fit each word in the blank and read if it makes sense. If it does not, put in another word and repeat the process.  The choices given in the drop box may sound similar, but they have different meanings.

Tip 5:- After you have put the word in the blank, read the entire text to find if it forms the meaning of the blank.

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