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Purpose of Answer Short Question Section of PTE Academic Test 

Answer short question section of the PTE academic test integrates speaking and listening skills of the test taker. It requires understanding recorded questions and provide accurate and brief responses based upon what they hear.  To some students, answering short questions in PTE test is a big challenge.  Since the purpose of PTE speaking test is not only to assess the speaking skills of the candidate, but also listening and interpretation skills as well.  Students will be made to listen to recorded questions and then provide responses.  This section will include carefully listening the questions and then providing correct responses of them.

 Tips to Ace Answer Short Questions Section 

In this article, we are going to put some light on the answer short question tips on PTE speaking test. Numerous students fail to score good marks in PTE test, because of the speaking module. On our website, students can find useful tips on all the sections of the PTE speaking test to ace PTE test.  Below mentioned are several useful answer short question tips for PTE academic.

After you hear a short question, the status of the recording box will change to recording.  If you pause for too long, when you are answering the questions, the status of the recording box will change to “completed”, which will mean that you have lost the chance of giving your answer.  Hence, bear in mind that you do not have to stop for more than 3 seconds.  The same rule applies to the other sections of the PTE speaking test, such as read aloud, repeat sentences, describe images and re-tell lecture.

The instructions for answering short questions for PTE speaking are to give simple and short answers.  Often a few words or one word is enough. Therefore, do not try to give long answers.  Most of the students make a mistake of giving very long answers and this is where they lose a point. In answer short questions for PTE speaking test, marks are often awarded for short and accurate answers.   Giving lengthy answers would not help you score more marks.

A Piece of Advice for Students 

PTE is a simple and easy test.  You just need to keep the instructions of the test in mind in order to score well.  You can practice several tests in order to get acquainted with what kinds of questions are being asked in the PTE test. Other good thing, you can do is, join a reputed educational organization of your region, where you can discuss your goals and get the results of your choice.  Practice is the key to score good in PTE test.

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