Essay Writing Tips for PTE Writing Section from the Certified Trainers of LinguaSoft EduTech

Looking for essay writing tips for PTE writing section? Whether it is a persuasive piece, research paper or test, writing an essay is always bothering and challenging.  The process of writing is often long and includes lengthy revisions.  Right from jotting down the main points and channelizing your thoughts, writing an essay involves brainstorming so that you are able to create a beautiful piece of writing.  Numerous students have insecurities associated with their writing abilities. It might be because they have had negative experiences in the past or they are conscious about expressing themselves.

Useful PTE Essay Writing  Tips

PTE writing section is the section that most of the students troubles with.  There are two sections of the PTE writing test which are- summarize written text and write essay. The basic idea of the PTE writing test is to understand what is written in the passage and summarize content in the end.

Below mentioned are several essay writing tips for PTE writing section from the certified trainers of LinguaSoft EduTech.

  • Ensure the response you are producing for the essay is in the correct form. You can start by analyzing the task.
  • It is suggested to write down the important key words. You should focus on the key words and important key points while you are writing an essay.
  • Your focus should be on finding the topic, key points, views to present and discussing in detail. It will help you structure main ideas and hence your essay.
  • You will not receive any score points, if you do not write about the topic in prompt.
  • You may need to argue for or discuss advantages and disadvantages of a situation. You must know how to do it so that you do not sound impulsive.

These tips will help you improve your PTE writing skills and help you ace your PTE score.

  Tricks to Complete the PTE Writing Task

  • Skim the text to identify the overall topic. Ask yourself what the text is all about? What is the point of the text?  Getting answers to all these questions will form the base of your summary.
  • Identify the main idea of each paragraph. Go through each paragraph so that you can identify the main idea. Not always, but idea is stated in the topic sentence of each paragraph.
  • Rephrase the main ideas of the paragraph in your own words. Most students make a mistake of copying the words from the text given and putting them in the summary box. Instead of doing this, you must rephrase the content in your own words.
  • Think for a few seconds about the organization of the ideas in the content. This would help you give your essay a structured look.
  • You can divide the essay into various paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a new idea.
  • Since PTE writing test is time bound, you need to keep the time constrain in mind. You will get only 10 minutes for summarizing the written text and 20 minutes for essay writing. Therefore, keep time limit in mind.
  • You can practice typing beforehand, so that your typing speed improves and you can complete the task before time.
  • After you have completed writing the essay, check for poor grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • You can proofread the essay in the end to ensure there are no errors.


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