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Ace scored mock test to prepare PTE academic exam

Gone are the days when only the wealthy of the lot had access to proper education and prepare for PTE Academic exam. Academic examinations felt like walking through hell. With the help of advancement in modern technology, everything, now, is accessible to everybody. However, with advancement, the nature of examination has grown tougher than before and only the brilliants of all are able to walk through them.

Now that the world has adopted the English language as a common medium; it is absolutely necessary for an individual to be proficient in English, especially if they are planning to opt for universities abroad.

PTE exam is an English competitive exam that one needs to clear if they want to apply. To clear PTE academics, one needs to hold an excellent command in both –spoken and written- English.

To get a chance at Ivy League or prominent colleges, across English-speaking countries; an individual must score above 75. But how can you prepare to clear PTE exams?

PTE exams require having impeccable English with proper command over grammar and vocabulary. PTE exam score decides your fate over colleges and universities at English-speaking nations and worldwide.  Therefore, some serious preparation is highly required and experts at Linguasoft Edutech will guide you step by step and prepare you for PTE exams in no-time.

Here are few things required on how to prepare for PTE Academic exam:

  • READ & WRITE: Nothing else contributes the most in improvement and enhancement of English language than reading and writing. The more one reads more they get exposed to plethora of words and their usage in a sentence.

    Reading is a good habit to have, on daily basis, as it gives one the edge to learn the language better and improve the command over it, day by day. Writing keeps the words and phrases at your fingertips. PTE exam has writing section and answers of it have to be precise and crisp. The examiner won’t provide extra time nor will they indulge in going line by line, point by point. Hence the answer should have the required points only. No extra words to overload as it will kill time and probably will be picked out to read first which can cost you some marks.

    Constant reading and writing will not only provide command over the lingo but will also increase the word power. For example; in fill in the blanks type question, if you are given a long sentence and the word provided isn’t –what so ever- used quite often on a regular conversation, you would know the meaning of it and would be able to attend as there will be no barrier. It will also help you to summarize the points spoken through the computer for you to answer afterward.

    Reading and writing will also enhance your skills which will be quite useful during the PTE exams. You would need to constantly read points you have written so you don’t miss a point or line or don’t end up writing something incorrect.


  • CONVERSE AND LISTEN: People, generally, don’t bother much to engage in a conversation with passerby or with whom they are traveling or over-sea people so they have no clue about its significance. Conversing with people will keep you regulated with the language and it will keep on brushing you up with words and phrases which you might feel you are forgetting. It is also a good medium to learn more words as English proficient people will prefer to use more sophisticated versions of certain spoken words. Engaging in a conversation with people will also help you to polish your listening skills and you will be grasping their side of the story too. For example, during the PTE exam or Scored Mock Test, when the computer will be speaking to you, you will have very limited time to grasp everything, memorize, assemble the points and answer the questions.


As PTE academic exams require good reading-writing skills, it also requires listening and speaking skills as well. Whatever you hear and you speak, it should have clarity. It is one of the best ways to prepare for the exams and will help you to focus on keywords which will be required to form and bridge your answers.


  • ATTEMPT SCORED MOCK TEST: Scored mock tests are the exams that will test all of your four skills as it prepares you for PTE Scored mock test will set your environment like PTE examination and it will have the same type of questions that you will be asked during the PTE exam. To be absolutely well prepared for PTE, scored mock tests are highly recommended as it will not only give you the gist of the main examination but will show you your weak points; giving you an opportunity to correct yourself as PTE academic will take one answer only and if you end up making the same mistake twice, it will cost you some marks. Scored mock test will provide you with results instantly and you will be aware of your weak and strong areas and whether you should appear for PTE right now or take some more time for preparation. Thus saving your money and time as PTE exams are quite expensive.


PTE preparation isn’t that difficult as you can enhance and polish your English language through Linguasoft Edutech products. It provides all the best solutions for PET preparation and exam guideline that can help you to take your skills up a notch. Not only guidelines, Linguasoft Edutech also provides scored mock test for relatively lower cost than that of the market to help you to reach the goals of your life in a smooth and comfortable way.

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