Know about PTE Repeat Sentence Practice

This item type is a real test of your listening skills. It’s an item type that can also wreck hardball on the English speaking natives due to its complexity and difficulty in nature. In this item type, the candidate receives an audio clip that reads them a sentence. The candidate has to hear the audio clip carefully and repeat the whole sentence word by word. If the candidate makes any error, fail to repeat it word by word or take a pause for more than 3 seconds, the system counts it as a mistake and the score gets deducted immediately.

But LinguaSoft EduTech has the answer to all the PTE related queries. Here are certain ways that can help you with PTE repeat sentence practice:

  • Don’t pen down, word by word: Candidates have a knack of writing down everything word by word, due to which they lose time and forget what the system reads. This seldom works. The ideal way to do this section is to note down some important keywords that would help you to understand the sentence well and answer the questions.
  • Listen to audio in English: To work on the repeat sentence, you should listen to audios podcasts, songs, and radio debates and try to grasp what was said or sung in them. To score well in this item type, you have to polish up your listening skills; therefore, it is necessary to grasp what you hear or what is being said, that would constantly challenge your listening skills.
  • Enunciate: It’s not always the listening or the memory game that goes wrong. At time, the candidates speak so quickly, to avoid any word to slip off, that they mispronounce some words or the microphone doesn’t catch the answer quite well. To work on this, speak slowly and enunciate words properly. The system isn’t designed to decipher mumbling therefore, the candidate has to be very loud and clear while responding in the microphone.
  • Divide and Rule: One of the promising ways to ace this item type is by dividing the sentences into chunks. For example; if the sentence reads “tomorrow shall be the day of my epiphany as I will seize all the opportunity to prosper”, then break the sentences into large chunks of phrases like “tomorrow shall be”, “the day of my”, “epiphany”, “as I will seize”, etc. This makes memorizing easy and refrains the mind from slipping off any words or phrases.

Above suggested are some of the easy and useful methods to improve in PTE repeat sentence. To know and gather more knowledge about PTE, log into and ace the exam gracefully.

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