Solved PTE Describe Image Tasks


Most of the students are not able to score well in PTE, because they are not aware about the format of the PTE test. Apart from  knowing what is expected in the test, students should also practice several tests to know how to answer the various sections in the PTE speaking section.  The experts of LinguaSoft Tech have shared below solved PTE describe image tasks.  These solved tasks will help you improve your speaking scores.

         Figure 1 

Explanation Figure 1 :-  This pyramid graph shows the Japan population in 1990. At the left side, we can see the male scale and at the right side we can see the female scale. For the both genders, the highest number of the population is situated between 40 to 44 years old, and the second is situated between 15 to 19 years old. To conclude, it is possible to see a superior number of females than males after 65 years old.

  Figure 2

Explanation Figure 2 :- New York is the city that has more rainfall, with average 47.5 inches, followed by Dallas with has 33.7 inches, Honolulu with has 22 inches and Phoenix, that has a fewer level with less than 10 inches of rainfall. To conclude, this city has less rainfall than others, because it is situated in a desert.

      Figure 3 

Explanation Figure 3 :- This bar graph shows the percentage of people prefer to purchase rock music.  The X-axis shows different age groups and sex/genders. The Y-axis shows the percentage values of music buyers.  Men buy more music than women with a value just less than 30 percent. Interest to buy rock music is steady among the people ranged between the ages of 16 to 44 years.  After the age of 45 years, fewer people are interested in buying rock music. To conclude, rock music is famous among young people.

        Figure 4 

Explanation Figure 4 :- The image shows the pyramid which leads to the healthy lifestyle. There are three major factors – daily exercise, nutritious food and ample amount of sleep. The perfect balance of all the three will help an individual in living life to the fullest.

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    Very useful post.I will recommend to all PTE aspirants to follow.

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