Top 10 OET Reading Tips

OET, also known as Occupational English Test contains two papers. Part A test lasts for the duration of 15 minutes, whereas Part B test lasts for 45 minutes.   In order to ace the OET reading test, below we have mentioned several effective reading tips. These tips would help you score good in your OET reading test.

  1. Practice- In order to ace in the reading test, there are several reading tips that you need to follow. Try to speak as much English you can.  This would help you get a hold of the grammar and sentence structure.
  2. Follow Writer’s Instructions- When you are reading, pay attention to the writer’s point of view. This part can be tricky, because you will need to choose the answers according to the writer’s point of view and not yours.
  3. Narrow Down the Research– You can go through the various options and cut off the ones which are completely wrong. Narrowing down the research would help you come closely to the right answers.
  4. Consider Other Options– In order to make a right choice; you can consider other options as well.  Look what other sentences have in common and what it is trying to convey.
  5. Work on Comprehension– Reading magazines and articles is highly suggested as it will help you improve your comprehension abilities. The purpose of reading articles is dual purpose. Firstly, it would help you improve your reading skills and secondly, it would help you improve your retention power.
  6. Jot down the important points- Once you have finished reading, try to jot down the points that you can remember. Your comprehension skills are likely to get improved if you follow this practice regularly.
  7. Answer to the point– While giving answers; try to be as direct as you can. Read the questions carefully and then try to give clear and direct answer.
  8. Manage Time effectively- Tests like OET, demand effective time management.   You need to complete the test within a specific time duration.  Therefore, try to make judicious use of your time without wasting a single time.
  9. Develop Fast thinking– You are given just 15 minutes to read and get to the core of the comprehension. In order to give correct answers, you need to develop fast thinking. This can again be done by regularly practicing the study material.
  10. Don’t Rush- At any point of time, do not rush and conclude the things. Spend good time in reading and understanding the comprehension so that you can get close to the answers.

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