Top 10 PTE Writing Tips


Skim and Scan the passage

Skim and scan the whole passage so that you get an idea about its content. You should know what exactly is the passage about? Scan the passage for the phrases and keywords. Make notes of the words which are repeated.

Read passage carefully

Read the entire passage carefully. Use clues to understand the unknown words. Try to understand the meaning but do not waste time on difficult words. If there are multiple paragraphs, the first paragraph can be introduction and last is conclusion. Pay attention to these paragraphs.


You should know the purpose of your writing. Know what topic you are going to cover and who the intended readers are. Make notes of key words. Arrange your notes in a logical order.

Make sure your response is in the correct form

When you have written your response, check to make sure that it is only one sentence, with a capital letter at the beginning and only one full stop at the end. Your response is between 5 and 75 words so check the word count using the ‘Total Word Count’ counter below the answer box. If you write fewer than five words or more than 75 words, you will not score for your answer.

Analyze the writing task

Note key words in the prompt before you write anything in the task, note key words in the prompt. Find out the topic, what key points you should focus on to answer the question and any points of view to present and discuss. Observe the essay prompt so you know how to answer. You can write Essay prompts in a number of ways. For example, you may need to confer whether you agree or disagree with the topic.

Practice using complex and compound sentences

Your response must be expressed within one sentence, so you will need to use a complex or compound sentence to be able to summarize the main point of the passage and also briefly mention the supporting detail. For example, look at the clause structures used in these summaries to link supporting ideas to the main point.

Manage your time

Manage your time. You have 10 minutes for Summarize written text and 20 minutes for Write essay. Write within the word limits. For Summarize written text, you should write one sentence of 5-75 words and your essay should be 200-300 words. Make sure that you write your viewpoints before 20 minutes. Keep an eye on the time.

Read the essay topic carefully

In essay, read the essay prompt carefully so that you know exactly what you have to do. If you are asked to write an essay about the traffic, don’t write about fashion. If the essay prompt asks you to have the same opinion or differ with a statement, your score will be affected if you do not say whether you agree or disagree. If the essay prompt asks you to describe a situation, you will lose score if you write about the situation’s benefits and drawbacks but do not explain it.

Review your writing

Proof Read your piece of writing whether it is essay or summary. Check spellings and sentence formation.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Improve your writing with understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses. This will help you to concentrate on the areas need to be improved especially for PTE test.

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