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About Our Spoken English Products

We, at LinguaSoft EduTect, believe that learning English language is fun and it is possible to learn a foreign language effectively; if it is made a pleasurable and fun activity along with having a motivation to learn and be deeply embedded in the process. Keeping this very thing in mind our English language learning products are designed.

We have experienced that learning the language, if taught in a very logical way by not taking in consideration of the human motivational factor of pleasure and fun in mind, becomes very tough and boring and discourages the learners. If the same things is taught in a way, taking care of human psychology and embedding fun and pleasure in the learning process; results will be very positive. People would start learning again and will be motivated to go ahead in the learning process.

We follow this methodology while designing our products. Our “Spoken English” courses have got assured and positive outcomes; as we do not follow traditional & boring patterns of teaching “Spoken English” which is used for learning a second language. We follow a method where the outcome is clearly defined.

Some programs, for basic users, give topic of the day, which the learner can relate to very easily. The relevant vocabulary is given as a start up exercise for the topic. It boosts the confidence as the topic is very much familiar to the user and they understands and imagine those things, in the language, they know presently. They are familiar with the topic and have got the vocabulary words relevant to the topic. This boosts their confidence as they understand those words, understands the meaning, speak those very words and listens to it accordingly.

Now, they are prepared with the vocabulary which is to be used in further speaking exercises. They then practice those exercises and speak each and every word in the topic. The topic is practiced by using different kinds of interesting exercises i.e. “drag and drop text”, “type the text” and “repeat sentences” (the interesting part of this is that the program will read their words alongside and keep their speech and delivery of the speech under check. Like the tone of the speech, the loudness or calmness in the delivery, how correct the delivery was, etc.)

The ‘topic of the day’ ends with the exercise of speak at length. As the name suggest, the learner speaks the topic at length. So it is a very interesting way to learn where the learner starts with words and end up speaking the whole topic. This pattern, which is referred to as natural immersion program, is followed throughout the program and the unique feature of these courses are that the user needs to do Week 1 completely to get the access to Week 2. The program has been structured in a way that the present level of English of the user improves gradually to the desired level. So they do easy topics first and the level of the topic rises as the weeks go on. So Week 1 is the base for Week 2 and Week 2 is the base for Week 3 and so on. Similarly, it follows the pattern for days in a week. When the user completes the day 1, they go to day 2 and so on.

This was, not only the level of English of the user increases but they also get the desired output rapidly –improvement from his present level of Spoken English.

Fun learning is an integral part of our programs. There are unique games in each course to make learning “Spoken English” interesting. English language learning, at LinguaSoft EduTech , is packed with loads of fun.


  • Natural Immersion Program

    Learn English language in the same way like you have learnt your mother tongue

  • Immediate feedback

    Interactive exercises provide instant feedback to help you improve your English language skills

  • Learn anytime, anywhere

    Choose to learn and improve English at your own convenience of time and place

  • Tried and Tested

    Our courses are tested in classroom settings and have produced hundreds of great results

  • Easy and Interesting

    Our course lets you learn English with an immersive method that is fun to use

  • Learn at your own pace

    Students can set their own goals according to their learning ability and practice

Online Spoken English Software (Level B1)

  • Want to improve your score to 5.0 band or equivalent level in various language exams (IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE)?
  • You are able to frame basic sentences but want to improve your speaking skill?
  • Unable to speak in unfamiliar context?
  • Want to be able to have fluent conversation in English with other fluent speakers?

If these are your concerns then our Spoken English software B1 will help you improve your English to the desired level. The CEFR defines B1 level of English language as the level at which the speaker is able to speak fluently in English about all kinds of activities in all kinds of environment – at the workplace, at the supermarket, at educational institutes or even any other place where one does not usually go every day. With our product B2 you will be able to express your views fluently in English even in unfamiliar context and will be able to have proper English conversation with everyone.

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Online Spoken English Software (Level A2)

  • Are you struggling in school or college in understanding basic concepts and ideas? You are unable to ask questions or are afraid to ask questions because you can’t speak proper English.
  • You are someone who has the proper qualification but is unable to do the job properly because of lack of spoken English. You face problems in understanding and responding to questions at your workplace.
  • Want to improve your score to 4.0 band or equivalent level in various language exams (IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE)?
  • Or you are a traveler and face problems in buying even daily things in the marketplace in foreign countries.

Our software for Spoken English (A2) is the product for you. You will be able to speak about various situations of your life without any problems after using our product.
According to the CEFR, a person who is just able to understand basic words and communicate in a very simple way belongs to the A1 level. Our software will help you improve your spoken English to A2 level where you will be able to speak fluently about your daily activities and familiar objects in a polished manner and be able to explain your ideas to a speaker of fluent English.

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