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About Linguasoft Software

If speaking English in the real world is your aim, then you have come to the right place. LinguaSoft Software is the most effective and easy tool to learn English. Whether you wish to learn English as a student, job seeker, keen learner or professional, we have the right English speaking courses for you to make you speak English fluently with neutral accent. Our English Language Courses are developed for anyone who wants to learn English. Since ours is an online learning English platform, students do not need to worry about commuting to classes, heavy downloads, preparing notes or losing CD’s. Our English language learning courses let students set their own pace and study according to their own convenience of time and place. Interactive exercises in our online courses enhance the excitement of learning a new language and makes it more enjoyable for students.


Natural Immersion Program

Learn English language in the same way like you have learnt your mother tongue

Immediate feedback

Interactive exercises provide instant feedback to help you improve your English language skills

Learn anytime, anywhere

Choose to learn and improve English at your own convenience of time and place

Tried and Tested

Our courses are tested in classroom settings and have produced hundreds of great results

Easy and Interesting

Our course lets you learn English with an immersive method that is fun to use

Learn at your own pace

Students can set their own goals according to their learning ability and practice

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Spoken English Software (Level B1)

Do you want to learn English as a second language? Presently, you are able to read English words, speak and pronounce some words and sentences confidently. You feel confident speaking in familiar situations, but you feel hesitant while conversing with fluent users of English. Our Spoken English Software (Level B1) is the right product for you. After using this product, you will be an independent user of English language.