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CEFR Levels Description IELTS score Toefl Equivalent PTE Equivalent
C2- Mastery Can speak and understand advanced academic and cognitive material. 8.5-9 >120 82-90
C1 – Effective Operational proficieny Able to speak on any topic and express oneself clearly, articulately and with good command over language. 7-7.5 110-120 68-72
B2 – Vantage Has enough skill to express ideas clearly on varied topics 5.5-6 87-109 46-54
B1 – Threshhold Learns to speak and express about everyday activities even in unfamiliar areas 4-4.5 57-86 29-35
A2 – Waystage Starts to learn and speak about daily activities in a familiar context 3.0 38-56  
A1 – Breakthrough Can communicate using very simple words 2.0 8-12  

About Our Spoken English Products

Knowledge of English is very important in today’s world and there are a lot of people who are not able to realize their full potential because they cannot speak good English. People are unable to get their dream job only because they do not have proper Spoken English skills. They are unable to express their ideas at the workplace and have to face embarrassment because of that and are unable to get promotions or better work opportunities. English is the window to the world and learning English gives one a lot of opportunities.

That is why we, at LinguaSoft, have developed Spoken English softwares and English learning softwares to help solve this problem. We realize that there are many people out there who want to learn English but cannot find the proper way to do so. We provide them the necessary tools to not only start learning English but also become a fluent speaker of it. We have prepared our products after a lot of research and use an interactive method of learning which engages the learner in the learning process so that the process is enjoyable and does not seem difficult. We follow the method of repeated practice so that the learner can easily remember the things he learns. Our products are based on the Natural Emersion Program which allows one to learn a second language naturally without any special efforts. We have fixed objectives and clear guideline on how to achieve them. The learner is constantly given feedback on his progress and there is a certificate given on the completion of a module.

We have products for all CEFR levels of English proficiency. Our Spoken English Software A1 is for the beginner who wants to learn the very basics of English language. Once he is familiar with common words of the English language he can use our software A2 which will enable him to start speaking about his daily activities in English.

Similarly for the intermediate learner who already has the basic knowledge of the English language we have B1 and B2 softwares. The B1 software will help you to speak in more detail about your workplace, about you daily life and allow you to frame questions and respond in proper English. Our B2 software will help to further polish your spoken English and you will be able to have English conversation with anyone in a variety of contexts. You will be able to speak with confidence and fluency.

We also have products for learning advanced level of English. Our C1 software will help you get a good command over spoken English and you will not need any other assistance to speak about any topic, not just everyday activities. Finally our C2 software is of the most advanced level and will make your English as fluent as the native speakers of the language.

So start your journey to learning English with our products and become a confident speaker of English.

Even if you are a beginner you can start learning Spoken English easily with our software for beginners. We have products for the beginner, intermediary and advanced levels so you can choose according to your own needs.


  • Natural Immersion Program

    Learn English language in the same way like you have learnt your mother tongue

  • Immediate feedback

    Interactive exercises provide instant feedback to help you improve your English language skills

  • Learn anytime, anywhere

    Choose to learn and improve English at your own convenience of time and place

  • Tried and Tested

    Our courses are tested in classroom settings and have produced hundreds of great results

  • Easy and Interesting

    Our course lets you learn English with an immersive method that is fun to use

  • Learn at your own pace

    Students can set their own goals according to their learning ability and practice

Online Spoken English Software (Level B1)

  • Want to improve your score to 5.0 band or equivalent level in various language exams (IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE)?
  • You are able to frame basic sentences but want to improve your speaking skill?
  • Unable to speak in unfamiliar context?
  • Want to be able to have fluent conversation in English with other fluent speakers?

If these are your concerns then our Spoken English software B1 will help you improve your English to the desired level. The CEFR defines B1 level of English language as the level at which the speaker is able to speak fluently in English about all kinds of activities in all kinds of environment – at the workplace, at the supermarket, at educational institutes or even any other place where one does not usually go every day. With our product B2 you will be able to express your views fluently in English even in unfamiliar context and will be able to have proper English conversation with everyone.

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Online Spoken English Software (Level A2)

  • Are you struggling in school or college in understanding basic concepts and ideas? You are unable to ask questions or are afraid to ask questions because you can’t speak proper English.
  • You are someone who has the proper qualification but is unable to do the job properly because of lack of spoken English. You face problems in understanding and responding to questions at your workplace.
  • Want to improve your score to 4.5 band or equivalent level in various language exams (IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE)?
  • Or you are a traveler and face problems in buying even daily things in the marketplace in foreign countries.

Our software for Spoken English (A2) is the product for you. You will be able to speak about various situations of your life without any problems after using our product.
According to the CEFR, a person who is just able to understand basic words and communicate in a very simple way belongs to the A1 level. Our software will help you improve your spoken English to A2 level where you will be able to speak fluently about your daily activities and familiar objects in a polished manner and be able to explain your ideas to a speaker of fluent English.

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